Solution 1.0 is now available for free!

Solution remembers everything

Solution is a super-capable graphing calculator that shows all your calculations on a scratchpad. Every scratchpad you create is saved in the application and ready when you reopen Solution. You can mail it to your friends, and they'll see an exact copy of your work.

Solution is elegant and streamlined

Unlike other bloated and cumbersome math programs, Solution is lean and focused. Its inviting user interface will not overwhelm you with obscure tools and palettes, but rather it will let you concentrate on your math tasks.

Solution is an affordable numerical environment

Solution is an advanced tool for high school to college students to solve many complex problems. Out of the box, Solution includes:
• Trigonometric, transcendental, hyperbolic functions
• Equation solver and numerical integration
• Vector, matrix and Linear algebra functions
• Statistics and random number generators
• A fully featured programming language backed by Lua

Solution grows with you

Packages can be installed to extend Solution's capabilities. You can transform Solution into a full-on LOGO interpreter, a unit conversion utility and much more.
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